Many Christian Singles speak of their specs concerning their future spouses. Some ladies say the man must be rich. Some say he must be tall, dark and handsome. Some brothers insist their future wives must be curvy. Yet some insist that they must have sampled food she prepared to be sure that she is a good cook.

What are your specs?

A young brother once believed the Lord for a wife and because he is tall, he had always assumed that his future wife would also be tall. When he was ready to get married, he began to fervently seek the face of the Lord on the matter. The Lord then revealed his wife to him. She was short, and thin. He was shocked. Even though he knew the sister, he had never been attracted to her. She was not his type of woman at all. She did not fit his specs. So he kept going back to the Lord, and the Lord kept showing him this sister.

Knowing that God had only the best planned for him, he sought to know the sister better and discovered that she was a wonderful person— indeed, he was more attracted to her emotionally and psychology, than physically, at that point.

They got married. Certainly, the woman never got taller, but with each successive child, her figure got fuller and fuller. While other people her age began to seek ways of losing weight (including her husband) she didn’t have any such problem. 3 children later, the woman’s figure has filled out, she looks younger than her mates and her husband loves to show her off. So, what are your specs?

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