Are you currently Dating?

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Contrary to popular opinion, dating is an exercise, rather than a situation. It is a process, rather than a destination. It is an event, rather than a commitment. Technically, dating a person shouldn’t convey exclusive rights upon you where such a person is concerned, and vice versa. Dating, in its true sense, is the process of spending time in mutually enjoyable activities with another person to whom one feels an attraction, with a view to deciding whether or not to progress to a proper relationship.


This appears to be a reality that men find easier to deal with than women. So, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, seems like girl likes him back, they talk for a while, and then he asks her out on a date. She accepts. The young man at that point is typically thinking of having a pleasant time out with the young lady … nothing serious. The young lady, ever proactive in relationship matters, may already be thinking ahead to the possibility of them getting married. See the difference?


A prospective couple may be able to decide to progress to a relationship after just one date. Sometimes, it takes longer. Ideally, it should take longer, because you want to really get to know this person a bit more before you commit your emotions to them. It is this process of going on dates to get to know each other well enough to determine whether or not you can have a meaningful relationship with each other, that is Dating. It’s about spending time with each other in public places.