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Make no mistake about it, a courtship is a lot more advanced than what many people make of it. It is a relationship premised on the mutual agreement of the parties involved, and the consent of their respective parents/guardians, to get married sometime in the future. The two people in a courtship are the Fiancé (male) and the Fiancée (female). Without a specific proposal of marriage, and the attendant acceptance of the marriage proposal, there is no courtship. Many times, women refer to their men as “My Fiance”, just to connote a more serious relationship, when in actual fact, the man has never proposed marriage to them. The fundamental basis of a courtship is the marriage proposal, and its acceptance thereon. However, for the courtship to commence in full swing, the consent of the two sets of parents/guardians must be duly given. Indeed, there will soon come a time when even the Church would require the formal consent of the parents/guardians before commencing Marriage Counseling sessions for intending couples.